MiCADOscale v0.8.0

MiCADOscale v0.8.0 released!

The last release of MiCADOscale published by Project COLA comes along with upgraded components (Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, etc...) and new Optimizer supported scaling.

Easier setup of ADTs by introducing pre-defined TOSCA node types, ADT-based application secret distribution and support for configuring application-level firewalling rules for the application through the ADT (FWaaS - Firewall-as-a-Service).

In order to meet highest security standards, master-worker node VPN connection is more restrictive, the Security Policy Manager adaptor was imlemented in the TOSCA Submitter and the master node web authentication timeout can now be configured. The detailed list of the release notes can be found on Read the Docs.

After 33 months of collaboration, travelling through Europe and developing MiCADOscale, Project COLA is coming to its end - MiCADOscale will continue.

The software will be further developed the University of Westminster and SZTAKI, and will be commercialized by cloudSME. The official distribution partner of MiCADO is cloudSME also providing consulting & development services for companies that want to utilise or extend MiCADOscale functionalities for the deployment and management of their applications.

The Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application (COLA) project, that was funded by the European Commission and led by the University of Westminster’s Centre for Parallel Computing (CPC) team and Prof. Tamas Kiss as principal investigator, has been completed at the end of September. The main outcome of the project is a software product, MiCADOscale, that enables companies and public sector organisations to develop and deploy a new generation of applications that utilise cloud computing resources is a safe and cost-efficient way. MiCADOscale assures that a cloud application utilises just the right amount of computational and data resources in a highly secure environment, resulting in significant cost savings and optimised efficiency.