Software product by Project COLA (grant agreement no: 731574)

Autoscaling Framework
for Kubernetes

MiCADO is open-source and a highly customisable multi-cloud orchestration and auto-scaling framework for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Multi Cloud Support
MiCADO supports various cloud infrastructures like AWS, OpenNebula, OpenStack, CloudSigma & Cloudbroker

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Open-source 💓
MiCADO is a modular framework, supporting various components, like Kubernetes, Occopus, Docker, Prometheus and more.

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Application-based firewall
Secure various containers in distributed systems via Zorp's proxy firewall.

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Infrastructure as Code
Automation of application and infrastructure deployment and orchestration with MiCADO Master via ADT (yaml-file).

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Parallel scaling
MiCADO scales applications at the level of Docker container & Virtual Machines.

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Customisable scaling policies
Scaling policies can be adjusted to meet specific requirements for scaling and orchestration.

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MiCADOscale for business

We created a MiCADO expert team to support you with the right expertise in the entire process. Consultation, Development, Deployment, ADT creation, managed services and more.

Public organisation or project?

MiCADO was developed by the European Project COLA and we want to support public-funded initiatives. Let's set a date to determine future potentials & synergies within Europe.