Automated Deadline-Based Scaling in the Cloud

Automated Deadline-Based Scaling of Experiments in the Cloud with MiCADO


deRSE 2019 - first Conference for Research Software Engineers

One of our developers, Jay DesLauriers, had given a talk at the deRSE 2019 in Potsdam, Germany. He demonstrates how to automate deadline-based scaling of experiments in the cloud with MiCADOscale.

MiCADOscale is open-source, cloud agnostic and uses widely applied technologies - Kubernetes, Occopus and Prometheus - to scale virtual machines and containers in the cloud. In our project, MiCADOscale has been tested on a range of small to large-scale research activities that saw simulations and other multi-job experiments queued, executed and scaled in containers on different public and private clouds.


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