European Innovation Action is looking for support in Beta test!

After almost two years into the COLA project, its software product, MiCADOscale v0.6.1 is published and ready to be tested! The development team of MiCADOscale is looking for your support – try out MiCADOscale v0.6.1 and share your opinion and feedback in our survey!

Why MiCADOscale?

Are you using large and expensive resources in the cloud to support fluctuations in user demand? Are you renting a large number of instances to be sure that you finish your tasks by a certain deadline? Why do not you leave it all to MiCADOscale? MiCADOscale will monitor the resource usage of your application and will automatically scale up or down your resources as required. In today’s computing environment when there is a shift from capital expenditures to operational ones and it is essential to achieve good performance, an automatically scalable resource framework, sensitive to the demand of the applications as well as for the allocated resources, is required. The European open source MiCADOscale framework manages and monitors the orchestration at the application level and scales virtual machines and Docker containers based on the resources required to meet operator-defined policies. The core-development team of MiCADOscale is composed of researchers from the University of Westminster in the UK and SZTAKI research institute from Hungary. The product is developed as an open-source framework with the aim to support the further uptake and spread of cloud computing services in the industry and the public sector, its technology, and the benefits brought along.

MiCADOscale combines

  • Automated scaling at the level of application
  • Integrated, secured dashboard with various monitoring options
  • Multiple cloud support (EC2, OpenStack, CloudSigma, Cloudbroker…)Secure distributed system (by Zorp™ Gateway*)
  • Highly customizable scaling policies (can be defined specifically for requirements of the application)

By combining all above-mentioned characteristics, MiCADOscale provides the opportunity to manage and monitor an application and having an excellent resource-consumption without bottlenecks or underutilized resources. To ensure a seamless and fast deployment and configuration of MiCADOscale an Ansible playbook is provided. Project COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application), is an Innovation Action of the European Commission under grant agreement no. 731574 and runs from January 2017 until June 2019. The main objective is to develop MiCADOscale, a generic pluggable framework that supports optimal and secure deployment as well as the run-time orchestration of cloud applications.

Traditional server vs. MiCADOscale
Traditional server vs. MiCADOscale