Software product by Project COLA (grant agreement no: 731574)

Autoscaling Framework
for Kubernetes

MiCADO Set-up

Here you'll find some videos guiding you through the set-up of MiCADO. If you have further questions we'll be happy to support you.

How does it work?

By deploying MiCADO, the MiCADO Master will be started (instantiated). This node can be deployed on a local or remote machine in the cloud. The Masternode contains all core components for scaling your application in production. It will organize and manage the deployment process of workers in your application cluster and also perform as the server for the MiCADO Dashboard.

How to create ADT's

If you want to learn to write your own ADT's to support your application, this video should give you a brief example in how to start the development. The video will teach you the basics of the TOSCA standard, as well as the structure of a valid ADT.

If you ran into any trouble during your ADT creation or adaptation, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We will try to solve your issues together!

MiCADO supports horizontal scaling

MiCADO enables instances to up- and down-scale resources and additional worker instances (slaves) to address the needs in a flexible cost-efficient way. By supporting horizontal scaling, the minimum server size for applications can be reduced so demand can be met by scaling out, rather than paying for underutilized resources.