Software product by Project COLA (grant agreement no: 731574)

Autoscaling Framework
for Kubernetes


Did you ran into trouble while installing MiCADOscale in your environment? Do you have questions regarding the deployment of you own applications with MiCADOscale? Do you need help?

The team behind MiCADOscale

Prof. Tamas Kiss

Professor in Distributed Comupting at University of Westminster, London

Project coordinator for project COLA

The following developers significantly contributed to MiCADOscale as part of the Project COLA:

  • Attila Farkas - SZTAKI, Hungary
  • Gabriele Pierantoni - University of Westminster, London
  • Gregoire Gesmier - University of Westminster, London
  • James Deslauriers - University of Westminster, London
  • Jozsef Kovacs - SZTAKI, Hungary
  • Mark Benjamin Emodi - SZTAKI, Hungary


In the course of the further development of MiCADOscale, cloudSME UG will be the contact partner for all commercial activities.

cloudSME UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Bismarckstraße 142
47057 Duisburg

represented by Andreas Ocklenburg (CEO)
Phone: +49 (0)203 3639 9955

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